I would like to take this opportunity to convey my great pleasure in working with you and everyone associated with Metronet, on the PDD (Product Development Database) project for Schlumberger Oilfield Services. 
'PDD' is a common web enabled database Schlumberger now very successfully uses for communication, reporting and tracking of all R&D projects. The Metronet team have done an excellent job in the design and development of this tool, now used by thousands of engineers, project managers, research scientists and managers.
PDD, coupled with the Schlumberger Product lifecycle process, helps to track and manage the Research & Development portfolio - determining unsuccessful projects early in the concept stages (so they can be stopped), and ensuring the successful projects are properly introduced, by managing and tracking the minimum project requirements. Metronet have done an excellent job in allowing easy customization of this tool to capture project lifecycle requirements, depending on project size, risk, and domain. This has been integrated with our existing business systems.
Metronet have been instrumental from initial concept, through detail design and final delivery of the excellent PDD product. Initially, we were concerned with the schedule and time for the project, but as the project progressed, these concerns of your ability to deliver were erased. In closing, your working together as a team is commendable, and it would be a pleasure to have Liam and the team work for us in the future. 
Dave Allen
R&D Domain Manager